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Chrysler's 2.7L engine suffers from a number of design and mechanical defects that make it highly suceptible to oil sludge and contamination.

For starters, the engine typically runs hot due to a defective crankcase ventilation system. Chryser 2.7L engine is highly suceptible to oil sludge due to three key factors:

  1. The engine runs hot due to a defective crankcase ventilation system.
  2. It has insufficient oil capacity to disappate that heat, putting extra stress on the oil as it works.
  3. It has a timing-chain driven water pump that commonly leaks into the crankcase and fails to do its job.

Even with proper maintenance, these engines are bound to clog up.

Warranty Claims

DaimlerChrysler hired a 3rd party company to handle defective 2.7L Engine warranty claims, but made it extremely hard to ever win a claim. To even receive consideration, the owner will need to have records indicating an oil change every 3,000 miles that were done only by a certified Chrysler or Dodge dealer. According to them, if you changed the oil in your car it’s your fault.

Quick Stats

2.7L V6
Oil Capacity
Water Cooled

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